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Where can I have my fire extinguisher recharged?

When Its time to have a fire extinguisher re-charged, you should always take it to an experienced fire extinguisher service company. Some extinguishers are manufactured as "non-rechargeable". These units are generally marked clearly as such, in a couple of ways. One tip is to look inside the face of the pressure gauge, if one is present. Non-rechargeable units are usually marked "dispose after any use". Some extinguishers have a small pressure switch located on the top of the valve body. Simply press down gently on the switch to check the unit. If the switch pops back firmly into place, it indicates pressure within the unit.

Rechargeable fire extinguishers also require periodic testing, depending on the type of extinguisher. Every fire extinguisher requires a hydrostatic retest every 5 or 12 years, again depending upon the type of unit. ABC dry chemical fire extinguishers require a retest every twelve years from the manufacturing date. Another test, called a six year maintenance is also required on these units between retest intervals. It is unlawful to recharge an extinguisher without first performing any required testing.

A good company will have access to extinguishing agents and replacement parts for most common brands and types in-service. Fire extinguishers are generally considered obsolete and must be removed from service when replacement parts become unavailable. At Kennebec Fire Equipment Inc., we stock a variety of parts and agents, offering testing and recharging on most rechargeable types and brands of extinguishers.

And remember as NFPA 10 tells us, "All rechargeable-type fire extinguishers shall be recharged after any use or as indicated by an inspection or when performing maintenance." (In addition to that, failure to recharge a unit after even the slightest use, will most likely lead to a failure to operate properly during any subsequent attempt at re-use).

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