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When does a fire extinguisher become too old to service?

It depends on the unit, however it is industry standard to replace most models after 20 years of service. Besides, most new units from Amerex come with a six year warranty, and important industry-wide changes are simply a fact of life over a period of twenty years. Furthermore, the relatively low cost of purchasing some new units versus the cost of servicing, could render their eventual replacement a relative no-brainer.

The following types of fire extinguishers are considered obsolete and should be removed from service:
  • Dry-Chemical Stored Pressure Extinguishers manufactured before Oct/1984
  • Soda acid types (Caution-contains hydrochloric acid)
  • Chemical foam (excluding film-forming foam)
  • Vaporizing liquid (e.g., carbon tetrachloride) see below
  • Cartridge-operated water and loaded stream
  • Soft soldered or riveted copper or brass shell (excluding pump tanks)
  • Carbon Dioxide extinguishers with metal horns
  • Solid charge AFFF type (paper cartridge)
  • Pressurized water units manufactured prior to 1971
  • Any extinguisher required to be inverted to operate (tipped upside down)
  • Any stored pressure unit manufactured prior to 1955
  • Any extinguisher with 4B, 6B, 8B, 12B, 16B fire rating
  • Stored pressure water extinguishers with fiberglass shells (pre-1976)
  • Any fire extinguisher that can no longer be serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's maintenance manual
  • NOTE:Carbon Tetrachloride was once used as an extinguishing agent in some very old types, such as hand held and glass bulb type fire extinguishers. Please use extreme caution if you come across these units. This chemical is EXTREMELY HAZARDOUS and should only be handled by trained personnel.  Carbon Tetrachloride also requires controlled disposal by an authorized hazardous waste disposal agency. Please DO NOT dump it onto the ground or into water or sewerage systems.

    Most fire extinguisher chemicals are considered hazardous materials and therefore should be recycled or disposed of properly. Please contact Kennebec Fire Equipment for advice or assistance with the disposal of old, unwanted fire extinguishers or extinguisher chemicals.




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