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Fire Extinguisher Inspections & Maintenance

We Service Most Brands of Extinguishers, Including The Following Types: Dry Chemical (ABC, BC, PK & Metal-X), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Halon 1211, Pressurized Water, Water Mist, K Class, Foam Units & Loaded Stream.

Including Hydro Testing, On-Site Repairs & Recharging


We specialize in fire extinguisher services including annual fire extinguisher maintenance (annual inspections) in accordance with NFPA-10 (fire extinguisher code). We offer on site inspections and recharging of most types at very reasonable prices throughout most areas of Maine. Some types may need to be temporarily removed from your site in order to perform the required services, and will be returned to you after the work is completed. Loaner extinguishers are available as a temporary replacement when needed while your units are away. Most units that are removed for service are returned to our customers within two weeks. Simply call our dispatch center at the number listed on our Contact Us page and speak with a representative for additional information.


Kitchen Fire System Inspections & Maintenance

Exit & Emergency Light Testing & Repairs



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