Fire Protection Equipment Services

It's better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it!

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Services

As required by State and Local fire codes and Insurance Companies. Our trained professional service technician will visit your site(s) on a yearly basis and perform the required procedure  outlined by NFPA 10 (Code). Extinguishers that pass the inspection will receive a service tag that remains valid for one year from the date punched. 

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On-Site Testing, Recharging and Repair Services

Our trained technician and fully equipped Service Vehicle allows us to provide the most common extinguisher services in your yard. Some extinguishers may need to be removed from your site and brought in to our shop for service or even be removed from service all together.

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Service tagging and labeling

After providing an inspection (SERVICE) or recharge with or without testing or repair (RECHARGE), we will complete and attach a valid service tag to your extinguisher. We will also install a service label to the back of your cylinder to indicate when periodically required testing has been performed. These tags and labels are required by fire codes and your insurance company. They should never be removed, covered or tampered with between services. Our company name and phone number are printed on the service tag and labels.

Commercial and Residential kitchen fire suppression systems

We provide inspections and maintenance on kitchen wet chemical fire systems. Commercial systems require service bi-annually, six (6) months apart. Residential type systems require service annually.

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Record keeping

We keep records of your annual and semi-annual equipment services. We also keep a list of your equipment that prints on our dispatch tickets to help us keep track of your required services, and will notify you and schedule them when they come due.