About Us

Our Company

Kennebec Fire Equipment, Inc. was founded in December of 1987 by John and Rachel Spenard. Today, our company remains a small, family owned Maine business, based in Winslow, Maine. 

At the time we were established, our President was a career firefighter at the Winslow fire department. Following many years of training and experience, fire safety and firefighting equipment distribution and services was a natural progression. Our primary mission as a company is, and has always been,  to provide meaningful fire protection and fire preparedness to all of our customers. Our main concern is for your safety, which we hope to assure by providing you with important life saving information, combined with proper tools for the job, and our best efforts to maintain those tools in the most adequate and appropriate ways possible.


Are you prepared for this?


Let us help you to be ready to avoid tragedy or loss!

We'll help you install the right equipment for the job.


We can even help you to choose the proper size, type and locations for your extinguishers!

Unfortunately we can't always avoid loss of lives, livelihoods or properties.


But having the right equipment needed quickly during an emergency, and maintaining that equipment in a state of readiness goes a long way to help.