Extinguisher Testing & Recharging

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Hydrostatic Testing

All fire extinguishers require periodic Hydrostatic (Hydro) Testing. The intervals for the hydro test vary by type of extinguisher.

The most critical test required for pressurized cylinders including fire extinguishers, is called a Hydrostatic Pressure Test. Each extinguisher receives this test at the factory as part of the manufacturing process. The specific type of extinguisher dictates how often it must then be retested. This test includes both an internal and external examination for damage or corrosion that could effect the  integrity of the cylinder.

During the test, the cylinder is  exposed to a particular amount of internal pressure, for a particular length of time. Any extinguisher that fails this test for any reason MUST be discharged and removed from service immediately. No further service, including annual maintenance, recharging or inspection may be performed.

6 Year Maintenance & recharging

Beginning with the manufacturing date or the latest Hydrostatic Pressure Test, all dry chemical type extinguishers must be subjected to a test called Six Year Maintenance. This test involves a complete external and internal examination. Extinguishers that fail this test MUST be removed from service and may no longer be serviced.

This test is required only on dry chemical agent stored pressure extinguishers (pressure inside with chemical).

Recharging And Other Services

We also service the following agent types:

Regular BC Dry Chemical, Purple K Dry Chemical, Class D (Metals) Dry Chemicals, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Halon 1211, Halotron 1, Pressurized Water, AFFF Foam, FFP Foam, Loaded Stream (anti-freeze), Class K Wet Chemical and Water Mist.

In addition to Stored Pressure type extinguishers, we can service Outside Cartridge Operated extinguishers and wheeled units.

On Site Service


On Site Service

Our unique service truck is also a mobile shop. This mobile shop allows us to provide such services as Annual extinguisher maintenance, semi-annual kitchen suppression system maintenance, annual residential range top suppression system maintenance and ABC Multi-Purpose Dry Chemical extinguisher Six Year Maintenance and recharging. All extinguishers requiring Hydrostatic Testing must be returned to our shop for service.

Our Shop

Our shop in Winslow is set up to provide various repairs and part replacements on

most sizes and types of extinguishers, along with testing and recharging.

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